Welcome to our family site!!!

Welcome to the Christensen Family site.  We haven't got the techno-blog thing down yet but in the past few days we have had occasion to visit the sites of other members of the extended family and a few friends and they have done such a great job with their sites that we thought it was worth a try.  I know Parker didn't make this picture because he had an amazing opportunity to go to Cooperstown, New York to play baseball the same week we were in Newport Beach.  I'll post plenty of pictures of him.  He is never left out.

The happy couple

The happy couple

Miles and Rachel

We have been so blessed to have had a new addition to our family.  He is the first new addition in over thirteen years.  We are happy to welcome Miles to our family.  He and Rachel were married in November in a beautiful,  solemn ceremony in the Las Vegas Temple with a spectacular reception to follow.  We are commanded to have children that we "may have joy in our posterity."  Thats exactly what we have.   They Have been living in Orem since the wedding and we hope to have them back here soon.  Rachel divides her time between work at a salon there and their two teenage kittens.  Miles drives a truck delivering oxygen to those in need all over Central Utah.  They have probably the cutest kitties in the whole world because they came from our "farm."

Honors Happy Grad

Honors Happy Grad

The Middle Child

We are proud to announce the graduation of Stephanie from Durango this past spring.  She set a goal years ago to graduate with honors and in June she did just that.  She took part in student government, (float building, poster making and all that goes with it) and she was the senior class historian.  She must have taken thousands of pictures for her position and there must be at least two of every kid at that school on her camera... and even some of them on mine.  She is planning to leave for Utah Valley University in about three weeks.  Because she never comes out of her room anyway, we hope to hear from her more often when she leaves to school.  I'm sure that she will be calling to ask for cash at least.

Just before the eighth grade dance

Just before the eighth grade dance

The Man Cub

Parker has finished his Middle school experience and will be moving into High School in the fall.  He is growing like a weed and we are excited for his future.  Next year means bullies, punks, girls, early morning seminary, eagle scouting, and real life (such as it is).  He wants to play interscholastic golf.  He has the advantage of three whole lessons from a professional, all the technology that no money can buy, and at least two generations of consistant hacks in whose footsteps he can follow.  I know, he is doomed from the start.  Perhaps he will be the one to break the mold and become a true, skilled, player of the game.  He has the strength, the desire, and the love for golf that it will take to rise above his lineage.  He and I had the opportunity to go fly fishing for the first time ever with Spence up in Heber.  We went to the lower Provo River with a guide who took us just below the dam.  Parker caught an 18 and a half inch Brown Trout and this 21 inch Rainbow Trout.  What a day! We had a great time.

The Catch Of the Day

The Catch Of the Day

Friday, October 31, 2008

Just a few words about Chloe.  She has been with us for the longest time.  We got her from Josh B. when we first moved into our house.  She was just on loan to us and we just never gave her back.  Its been 16 years now and she's still going strong.  We're surprised each morning to find her meowing for food and a little attention, but such a sweet girl.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lauren and James' reception

This last weekend the family had the chance to attend the reception of Lauren and James.  The yard was perfect, the weather was great, and we were lucky enough to have Steph down from school to join us.  We saw loads of friends and family.  It was a good opportunity to catch up on all the news.   We took a few fun shots with Dawn's camera at our table.  We were practicing our big photo eyes.....can you tell? 

The annual Wikeup quail hunt

Parker, Miles, and I had the opportunity to go to Arizona for the Ence family quail hunt on the third of October.  We ate like kings, walked for miles, got some birds, and were able to see Greg and Jim Ence and their boys  (First time since Blair and I were just neighbors).  Its been over twenty years since we've seen them.  Their boys were all grown up.  It was also a great time for the family to get to know Miles better.  Everyone was great and reached out a hand of fellowship to him.  We had home-grown watermelon, corn, beets, and homemade bread, and deep-fried turkey, schlong, and ribs.  Wow, what a feast. It always turns out to be a great time.  There were about 25 of us in camp this year.  The biggest one I can remember.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Great Day at the Las Vegas Zoo

We recently took the kids to the Las Vegas Zoo for an afternoon of fun in the sun.  We saw lots of animals native to Las Vegas like cats, dogs, sparrows, lizards, and the like.  The most exotic display at the Las Vegas Zoo was the new enclosure for the native hippo.  We were lucky enough to snap a picture as he was showing his teeth in a gesture of strength.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The trip to Mesa

We just got back from a great family meal with Lauren's family at Mi Amigo's.  What a great evening.  We felt like the hired Mexican help in a sea of blonde.  I thought for a moment that we were back in Provo.  We overwhelmed the poor place with all of our noise and ruckus.  The food was good and the company was even better.    

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Trip to Hogle Zoo

While in Utah, we had a chance to visit the zoo one afternoon.  Although it was pretty hot, we still enjoyed the critters in someone elses "farm."  I took a few cool pictures that we would like to share.  They are of an Amur Leopard that caught a squirrel in his enclosure, what is called a Palas' Cat, and an Eastern Black and White Colobus Monkey.